Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hatching Stats

We started with 25 eggs.
12 Leghorn
13 Australorp
14 chicks hatched and lived. (56%)

  • 8 hatched.  
  • 3 were not fertile through candling.
  • 1 did not pip and died, fully formed, in the egg.
  • Most hatched on Day 23. But hatching ranged from Day 22 to Day 24.
  • The one that hatched on Day 24,  required assistance.
  • 88% of the fertile eggs hatched and produced a live healthy chicks.
  • 6 hatched
  • 5 were not fertile through candling or cracking open.
  • 2 died while hatching.
  • Most hatched on Day 23.  Only one hatched on Day 22 and requiured assistance.
  • 75% if the fertile eggs hatched and produced live healthy chicks.

General Observations: 

The hatching was later than we thought.  None hatched on Day 21.  This could have been due to temperature and humidity fluctuations in the incubator.

We thought all of the eggs would hatch at about the same time.  They did not.  They were spread out over 3 days.

The hatching itself takes a long time.  From the pip to the chick, it took about 12 - 24 hrs.

The Leghorns were quicker and stronger at hatching than the Australorps.

This was a fun group 4-H Project!

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