Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 23 - Morning

Morning, Wednesday June 2, 2010

What a night! Between 11 pm and 8 am we had 8 chicks hatch!  All with no assistance.

This is newly hatched chick brown # 5.

Pip and Zip!  Lots of eggs in the process of hatching.

Brown #9,  white #7 and  brown #5 waiting to dry off and fluff up.

White #11 just hatched.  This one is exhausted and look at those huge feet!

Nine chicks in the brooder getting dry and fluffy.

Chick white #2.  It hatched in 10th place. (Ramona's pick for the hatching contest!)

Here's a list of who hatched when last night:

11:40 pm ( late Tuesday night): Brown #5
12:33 am: White #7
12:37 am: Brown #9 
12:44 am: Brown #10
1:20 am: White #8
3:30 am: White #2
6:20 am: White #11
8:41 am: White #4

There are currently two more eggs piping and zipping...stayed tuned!

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  1. No Annie I picked White #4, that was Ramonas' pick.