Tuesday, May 25, 2010


We have two kinds of eggs in our incubator. 

The brown eggs are Australorp eggs.  They came from the Hange Family.  The Hanges have 20+ Australorps at their farm.  They have 4 roosters and the rest are hens.  Also, Logan has some young Australorps for his 4-H project this year.  They like the Australorp breed because they are calm, friendly, hardy and lay lots of brown eggs.

This breed originated in Australia developed from Black Orpingtons imported from England; and the emphasis of the breeding program was on egg production without sacrificing too much in size and meat quality. Some sensational results were made in the Australian program, and one hen set a laying record of 364 eggs in 365 days. Introduced into this country in the 1920's, they have become useful and popular and are certainly one of the best layers of light brown eggs of all the heavy breeds. (info from McMurray Hatchery)

When the eggs hatch, the chicks should look like this:

picture is from My Pet Chicken

Full-grown Astralorp trio

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