Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Updates to Cackle Cabin

Cackle Cabin is still going strong!  

We have 13 hens and have made some improvements to the coop.

We added a covered common area, we like to call the "Ball Room" to the back of the cabin.  This allows the hens to have a nice area to hang out in the winter and when it's rainy.  It also provides a wind block.  We are facing north. We like to think the hens have dances at night in the "ball room" and even had a disco ball hanging in the center of it for a while!

A run is attached to the hen house  and is covered with netting.  We have hawks in the area. The top of the run is part of our old swing set.

Underneath the cabin is a window made of plexiglass.  The ladies love to look out and also sun themselves in the winter.

The dog house provided a covered area for pullets as they integrated into the flock.  Many times the older ladies won't let them in the ball room or out of the rain.  This worked great for the young pullets to have cover from the rain and wind.  However when they started laying eggs, they put some in the dog house.  So we had to turn it around to close it off.

Inside the "ball room".  This is their common area.  It has food and water.  We added a litter box that serves as an extra nesting box.

The ramp up to the hen house where most roost at night.  We can lock to lower dutch door.

A side view and the "people entrance".  We cover the screen door with plastic during the winter.

The nest box is attached to the cabin.  It has two spaces.

 A side view of how the chickens exit the hen house and ball room.  The door is on a pulley and we can close it at night.  It also serves to to block the west wind in the winter.

We also have a small roost set up on the Little Tikes chairs.  The ladies use this every morning after they eat their breakfast.  They sit up there and preen their feathers.

The run opens up into a very large pasture.  The hens love this and spend most of their time here in the summer.  We have lots of shade.

This is the view from our back door!

The nest box is a popular place!

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