Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 9

Wednesday May 19th
6:30 am
Incubator temperature: 102° !!!!
Humidity 30%

Yikes! What happened?  We came in early Wednesday morning to to turn the eggs and found that the incubator temperature had risen to 102° overnight.  The humidity level was very low at 30%.
We quickly opened up the incubator to let the heat.  This should decrease the internal temperature inside the eggs.  Then we took a sample of eggs to candle to make sure the embryos were OK.

We checked white eggs : #8, #6 and #2 and brown egg #4.  All had some movement.  Whew!

Once the temperature had reached 99°, we added warm water to the incubator reservoir, and closed the lid.  We closely monitored the temperature all day.

So, why did this happen? 

Our prediction: during the night, the water evaporated in the incubator and the temperature rose.

What can we do to make sure this doesn't happen again? 
1) Make sure we have water in the reservoir at all times, especially before bedtime.  During the night the incubator doesn't get checked as often as during the day.
2) Make sure the temperature of the incubator is at 99° before going to bed.  If it's running a little high (100°), turn down the thermostat a little.
3) Check the incubator in the middle of the night.

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